Corporate Well-Being

'Happy employees are 20% more productive than unhappy employees'

Workplace counselling is on the increase and is now considered a duty of care in many organisations. This is because there are many issues that arise in the workplace that can hold back productivity, including problems with confidence and motivation.

One of the biggest reasons for long term employee absence is stress. Stress related issues can have a negative impact on employees, as well as the business. Mental health is just as important and physical health in the workplace. Therapy can work to reduce stress and anxiety within the workplace and reduce not only rates of absence but also staff turnover. Studies have actually shown that counselling within the workplace can reduce absence rates by as much as 50%.

I work with businesses, large and small, in Essex offering help designing and implementing a bespoke corporate well-being programme that works for them including a full wellbeing audit. Prices start from £497.

I also work with local businesses in the area to offer you and your employees private sessions as well as offering hypnotherapy workshops for public speaking, motivation and confidence. All workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.


· Hypnotherapy (50 mins) - £50


· Psychotherapy (50 mins) - £55


· Group workshop (2.5 hour sessions) - £135