3 ways to break away from diet culture

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I am on a mission to help ladies lose weight by moving away from diet and restricting foods so I am sharing with you 3 ways to do this.

First is to stop praising weight loss. Now I can already hear you saying “why would you not praise someone losing weight?!” but by doing this we are feeding into the culture that we SHOULD lose weight.

Weight loss is much more achievable when we are in a happier mindset. Negative eating behaviours such as overeating are usually driven from negative feelings. By dealing with these feelings and working on the emotions driving the negative behaviours, we rely less on food for comfort which naturally makes it easier to control our own weight. If the people we care about have finally dealt with their emotions in a positive way and as a result of that lost weight, wouldn’t it make more sense to praise their happiness! Why do we out weight loss before mental well being?

Secondly, permission isn’t always something we give ourselves. We are so used to being told that in order to lose weight we are not allowed to eat certain things. We then conscious tell ourselves we can’t eat something but our behaviour is actually driven by the subconscious (well about 90% of it anyway). The unfortunate thing about this, is that the subconscious mind doesn’t recognise negative language such as the word don’t, cant and not. This means when you tell yourself don’t eat chocolate, you are actually telling the part of your brain that controls behaviour to eat chocolate. So, then the internal battle begins! And the subconscious will win 9 times out of 10. Instead, give yourself permission – you are likely to eat less of something by giving yourself permission than if try you restrict it.

Lastly its important to stop dieting every Monday morning. If you are someone who needs it to be Monday to start a diet (because you cant start a diet on a weekend!) then you also probably believe the weekend is for ‘treats’. When we eat this way, we spend Monday to Friday restricting foods that we enjoy and will likely be in the calorie deficit that will lead to weight loss… but then Friday night comes, you let loose and eat all the calories you have restricted throughout the week and then some because you deserve it – you’ve been good all week, right?! You will then eat more calories than if you had chosen not to diet Monday morning to begin with. You then realised you haven’t eaten the way you wanted to and you need to start afresh on the Monday…for the 7638th time. The only thing this will do is give you more calories, more weight and more misery. Monday is not a reason to diet.

And these are just 3 ways that NOT dieting can help you to lose weight. I promise you there are so many more! If you would like to work with me and join my upcoming weight loss bootcamp than follow the link below for more information.

Lauren xx

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