5 reasons to ditch the scales!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Anyone that has worked with me or listened (or read) my ramblings about weight before will know exactly how I feel about the evil that is those littles numbers on the scale. So many of us live our lives by those numbers and even let them dictate how we feel! There are just numbers. We don’t walk around with that number on a t-shirt for the world to judge for us so why do we get so hung up on a number that actually…means jack!

Here is why I believe those scales should be thrown out the window (or at least not used every day).

1. Weight fluctuates.

For those of you that do weigh yourselves daily (very naughty – but I have definitely been victim to this), you would have noticed that your weight fluctuates…a lot. This can be due to water retention, salt intake and even our hormones play a huge part in what the scales say. This makes it so hard to monitor your weight accurately.

2. Body composition.

Particularly if you are working out, when you lose weight, the chances are you will gain muscle. This makes unlikely that you will see those numbers on the scale going down. So you could be slimmer, healthier and more toned but all you can see is that the scales aren’t moving!

3. Weight doesn’t always show health

A thin person who weighs less isn’t necessarily healthier than someone who weighs more. In my early 20s I was super skinny and my weight was a good few stone less than it is now but I was not healthy. I had a job that kept me on my feet but besides that I didn’t exercise much and I ate shit all day everyday. Don’t get me wrong I still have the odd day of doing that now but even with more weight I am far healthier now. I eat better and I exercise more to keep healthy. Weight most definitely isn’t completely linear with health.

4. Your clothes tell the truth.

When you are looking to lose weight, the best monitor of this is to look at how your clothes fit. After my second baby 8 weeks ago, (according to the scales) I have lost all the weight I put on during pregnancy. And that sounds amazing… but I was shocked when I saw it. Mostly because I am yet to lose my belly and at least one chin! The scales are saying good things but is not a true reflection of my size. I am going in the right direction but I am ignoring the scales and taking into account how I look and feel, because that is more important than numbers on the scale. Due to my lifestyle, when I do get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, the scale isn’t like to say anything different to what it does now. But this doesn’t mean I haven’t lost weight. It is by far better to look at your inches rather than pounds when it comes to weight loss, for a true representation.

5. Scales ruin motivation.

When you are trying to lose weight, there are 3 outcomes when it comes to scales. Firstly, you can jump on and the scales have gone down…great that is exactly what you wanted to see. So now – you can relax. You deserve a treat because you have worked hard and its starting to pay off. So that is what you do. Then tomorrow when you jump on the scales its gone back up…you f**cked it and now you are back to square one. If you have stayed the same, you’ve done all this hard work for nothing so why bother. And if you have gained weight – you feel angry and depressed and more than likely want to eat, which then makes the weight go up even more.

There are no positive outcomes when you step on the scales. Wherever you are in your weight loss journey, do not let the scales hold you back. Focus on your mindset. When you think positive, you will feel positive and when you feel positive you can eat positive and achieve any goal!

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