Can hypnotherapy help you with chronic pain?

‘It's normal’... ‘It's just period pain’... ‘There is nothing else we can now’

Something so many women in Britain have heard including myself with it comes to endometriosis. Its takes on average 7 years to get a diagnosis so I actually consider myself lucky to get a diagnosis in just under 2 years. For many people that don’t know much about the endometriosis, it’s a chronic disease with a number of symptoms including fatigue, infertility and pain…for myself and many others…a lot of pain! And of course for the time being I am given a bunch of painkillers and sent on my way until I am ready to have a hysterectomy.

Hypnotherapy for pain is therefore something I am very passionate about. It can teach amazing techniques to reduce levels of pain using your own imagination. Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful, far more than many of us believe. By learning these techniques to reduce pain we can use them at home, at work or even at the zoo! Tension and stress can also add to the pain we feel in our body. Not only can hypnotherapy help to reduce levels of pain but can also help us to let go of tension and anxiety which can help to reduce pain further and also help those who have trouble sleeping.

By learning to become calmer and less anxious and removing the fear of pain it becomes much easier to cope with if it does arise. There are so many different chronic pain causing diseases effecting people each and every day. And while pain can not always be completely eradicated, hypnotherapy helps people each day to manage that pain in everyday life. Hypnotherapy doesn’t involve exercise or dieting – you simple learn to relax and use your imagination.

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