Should you give up alcohol?

So lets talk alcohol…every single time I run a weight loss course, at least one member will ask ‘do I have to give up alcohol?’ Now in all honestly there is a lot of calories in alcohol, and I am sure if you drink enough to ask this question, then cutting down would probably really help you reach your goal a lot quicker. However the answer is absolutely…NO!

The reason I love getting asked this question is because it is without a doubt the first question I would want to know the answer to. I love my prosecco and gin and I love how aligned I often am to my clients with this subject 😊.

I am sure it isn’t a shock if I tell you that you will consume a lot less calories if you can cut down on the booze. If you drink 2 or 3 drinks a night, that can easily add to up to 500 plus calories. (that is 1lb a week in fat!) cut out alcohol isn’t as easy it as sounds. I am not talking alcohol dependency, that is a whole other subject, but if you enjoy a glass of wine or a cheeky gin of an evening after a hard day, then taking that away from you might not be something you want to consider. Restricting anything you enjoy from your diet is not always the best way to lose weight. As soon as you tell yourself you can’t have something, it suddenly becomes all you think about and all you want; and you are much less likely to succeed this way.

So what can you do?

Treat it the same way I suggest you treat any other food.

Firstly, If you know that you really do not want to cut down on alcohol than don’t. I enjoy my wine as much as the next person so I am with you here but it is worth really questioning if you need that 2nd or 3rd drink. You know it will slow you down when it comes to reaching your goal, so focus on what you want to achieve. What is more important to you…the gin or your goal?

Secondly, listen to your body and be conscious of what you are drinking. Take you time to decide - Does your stomach really want to endure another gassy drink? Would you be bloated, or will you enjoy it? Are you drinking for the sake of it or do you really want this drink? if it wasn't there would you miss it?

Lastly, If you know you had a few more then you planned over the weekend, let it go, move on and stop the guilt. Guilty feelings will only drive you to eat negatively and there is definitely no need to try and cut back during the week to make up for it!

Simple...think about your goal, listen to your body and stop the guilt. If this means you still drink the same amount of alcohol that is okay. There are other ways to lose weight...keep an eye our for next weeks email with another helping dish of how you can lose weight without the diets!

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Lauren x


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