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Pyschotherapy can treat a wide range of issues. Treatment is adapted to each individual and can be either long or short-term. To learn more about some popular treatments offered by Lauren Regan Therapy, take a look below. If you would like help with an issue not listed, please contact me and I can let you know how I can help.
Individual sessions are charged at £55 for 50 minutes.

Depression & Anxiety

You Are in Control

By discussing your current issues, together we can look at moving past them. We will look at where they may stem from and letting them go in order to create a more positive outlook.

Relationships & Couples Counselling

Work Together Again

Psychotherapy will help you to work through your own issues within relationships. Couples counselling is available at £75 per hour.

PTSD & Abuse

Take Back Your Life

PTSD can come in so many forms and can come from any traumatic situation. Therapy can help you let go of the feelings associated with that trauma and cope with life much more efficiently.

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