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If you want to make a change to how you are feeling or change a behaviour that just isn't helping you succeed, then hypnotherapy is exactly what you need.

Hypnosis works by accessing the subconscious mind to explore and make changes. 90% of our feelings and behaviours come from the subconscious mind so by directly accessing the subconscious mind, we can can make the real changes that will get you to your goal. Once under hypnosis, we can focus on our internal thoughts and processes. Here we can access memories or resources that will aid the achievement of the desired outcome. Suggestions are used to filter below the conscious mind, into the subconscious to affect the clients thoughts process, feelings and behaviours.

I work with clients one to one to offer a truly bespoke hypnotherapy service. I specialise in anxiety & phobias but I am experienced and qualified to help you with a variety of different issues including:

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • Weight Management 

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Pain Management 

  • Smoking Cessation 

  • Anger

Single Sessions - £65

(block booking discount available)

If you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you, simply book a free call below.

Counselling is an incredible tool for allowing you to explore any issues or worries, where they come from, and more importantly, how to move forward in a positive way. Counselling offers a safe place to talk and express how you are feeling in a confidential and non-judgemental way.

I work as an integrative counsellor which means I use different therapeutic approaches including person centred, psychodynamic and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (my personal favourite). I do not believe in a one size fits all counselling approach and use a personal and bespoke approach that will allow you to move forward and reach your goals. It is often necessary to look at the past to see where issues may come from, but I also believe for most of us, the path to happiness and contentment is in moving forward positively.

Counselling offers a place to confront any issues with guidance and support and gives you coping mechanisms to manage your feelings. Understanding and knowledge of yourself and your experiences really is a power that can give you a different perspective as well as helping you to feel empowered, not only about your past but your present and your future.

Counselling can help address a range of issues including:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Social anxiety

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Trauma

  • Relationship issues

  • Anger

Single sessions - £65

(Block booking discount available)

I offer a free consultation to all potential clients as one of the biggest benefits of counselling is the therapeutic relationship. It is really important that you feel comfortable with me and are happy for me to help you on through this process.



"I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Lauren. She is very professional and has helped me to overcome my anxiety and fears to achieve my goals, which i never thought i would be able to do. I can't thank her enough!"
Phobia - Jan 2020

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