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Lauren Regan
About Me...

I am a short girl with a big dream and an even bigger coffee addiction. My ultimate goal is simple, I want to help as many ladies as possible realise their dreams and live their absolute best lives!

I am passionate about 3 things in life, my children, hypnotherapy and what it can do for peoples lives and helping ladies lose weight WITHOUT dieting. I love what I do for a living and seeing the impact it has on peoples lives definitely makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Since training as a hypnotherapist back in 2015 I have added a few strings to my bow. I am also a fully trained psychotherapist, hypnobirthing instructor, weight loss group coach, health and nutrition coach and IBS therapist. I am a big believer of working on yourself for yourself and I work everyday at keeping myself as happy as I can be with many of the mindset techniques I have learned over the past few years. 

Not only have do I use hypnotherapy myself for a number of reasons but since having my 2 children and being on my own weight loss journey, mindset and weight loss therapy techniques have been everything to helping me reach my own personal goals. This has made me more passionate than ever to help ladies achieve their goals too!

I cannot wait to work with you and show you exactly how you can reach your goals in a fun, easy and natural way.

Much Love,

Lauren xx