Labour in Lockdown

Updated: Feb 6

I was one of the many many women to fall pregnant during the first lockdown. Luckily for me, this was my second child, and I had my first only 6 months before the lockdown started, so I was still pretty fresh on procedures, appointments and what to do and who to contact if I needed to. I say luckily, as this time around being pregnant was very different. Other halves were not allowed at scans and appointments, midwife appointments were over the telephone and I had no face to face appointments until I was 25 weeks. I had a fairly easy pregnancy, besides suffering with SPD, which I still had my crutches from last time, so I wasn’t worried that I hadn’t seen anyone. I can only imagine how different I would have felt had this been my first pregnancy. One of my close friends was due a few days after me with her first and she felt concerned throughout that she had had such little contact with her midwife. She had so many questions and had no idea who could answer them for her. I had another friend due the week before me with her 2nd and she was just as nervous, feeling really uneasy about the lack of contact.

I also cannot imagine how my other half would have felt, had he missed the birth as so many fathers have in this situation. I was booked in for a planned c-section this time, so we knew exactly what day it be...although we were given fair warning it could be cancelled on the day. I was told to be at the hospital at 7am so me and my other half got up at 6am to drop my (tired and grumpy) toddler to her grandparents and we went off to the hospital for 7am. I already knew there were 3 of us booked in on the same day and they started at 8am so was expecting to have my baby nice and early. The first lady was taken straight down to the theatre from reception by 7.30am which gave me hope at least that the surgeries were still going ahead as planned. While my other half waited in the car in the middle of winter not even allowed in to use the toilet, time was ticking