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Hypnotherapy & Weight Loss Coaching


How I can help you...

Hello! My name is Lauren Regan and I am a fully qualified and highly passionate hypnotherapist and weight loss coach.

I work with women who are looking to overcome an obstacle in life in order to bring around positive change. Whether anxiety is holding you back from your dreams, a phobia is affecting your day to day life or you have no control over what you are eating...I am here to help you!

I provide bespoke hypnotherapy and weight loss coaching to help individuals in Colchester and surrounding areas as well as online. ​I am obsessed with using hypnotherapy to help clients to achieve their goals and achieve success in ways they thought were not possible.

"Change happens in the subconscious mind"

There are a few ways you can work with me to achieve your goals and start living your best life. I offer bespoke private hypnotherapy on a one to one basis.

I also offer weight loss coaching with a 12 week group program as well as private weight loss coaching.

If you are looking to change your life for the better with either hypnotherapy or weight loss coaching today is the day to get in touch!

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Download your free weight loss e-book below. In this book you will learn my 5 steps to losing weight - without dieting but by changing your food mindset and building a healthy relationship with food.

If you are sick of starting a diet each Monday morning, knowing it isn't going to work or you are struggling to believe that anything will help you lose weight, then this 12 page e-book is for you!

Think Yourself Thin E-Book


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