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Lauren Regan Therapy



Anxiety & Phobia Coaching 

A.C.E. your anxiety.
Set yourself free.

Are you currently:

- Constantly stressed and worried?

- Living with daily worry or fear?

- Struggling to fall or stay sleep?

- Holding yourself back from new opportunities due to worry?

- Avoiding things you would like to do?

- Feeling stuck, as if there is no way out?

Do you want:

- Freedom from negative thoughts?

- To feel safe and confident?

- To live your life how you want to?

- To wake up each day feeling rested and refreshed?

- To feel equipped to deal with daily life in a manageable way?

- To take back and remain completely in control?

The majority of us will experience anxiety at some point in our lives. Anxiety is a very normal feeling designed to protect humans from imminent threat. However, in today's society, we often perceive daily stressors as imminent threat which can leave us in a constant state of worry, overwhelm or stress. 

Anxiety can keep us feeling worried, people pleasing, holding back from reaching our goal, and even physical symptoms including panic attacks.

I work with anxious clients everyday to help them identify the cause, reframe their thinking and move on from anxiety to live their best life, anxiety free. If you struggle with anxiety you are in the right place! Simply book a free call to learn how I can help you move past your anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Types of Anxiety


I want you to work with you in the way that will work best for you! Although, anxiety impacts us in a very conscious way, it can often be subconscious. I work with both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and find that combining them both can have a quicker and give the best results. But what is more important is working the way in which you feel comfortable. I offer psychotherapy sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, and a combined package. I offer a complimentary call to discuss your options and see what is best to help you to achieve your goals. 

How Can I help?

The ACE Anxiety Reframe Method




The ACE framework is based on the three pillars of moving past anxiety. I have then broken down the pillars into 5 simple proactive steps to help you not only understand and manage your anxiety but to move past it altogether. 

This is the framework I use with all my clients whether it is one to one sessions, group coaching or  online courses. It is designed in a way to allow you to help yourself with anxiety without the stress and overwhelm of working out where on earth to even begin!

Book Your Complimentary call

It is so important that you find help from someone you feel comfortable with. I offer a free 20 minute call to anyone that would like to discuss how I can help them and the best way to move forward. 

If you want to move on from anxiety or to discuss any other issue you would would therapy or hypnotherapy for simply let me know.

Thanks for submitting!

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