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A hypnotherapists hypnobirthing experience - how you can make your birth magical

As a hypnotherapist, I was so excited to take hypnobirthing classes during my pregnancy with my first child. In the summer of 2019, I took hypnobirthing classes that showed me how to let go of fear around birth, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques as well as giving me knowledge on how my body was going to do what it needed to do to birth my baby.

I had decided early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a water birth at the hospital using hypnobirthing techniques and gas and air. Luckily I had also said in my birth plan that I was open to being flexible as what I had in mind was far from what happened on the day.

My waters broke at 5am and we went in to hospital straight away to have it confirmed. We were then sent home to wait until my contractions started and become strong and regular. We took a trip to Asda to buy some ingredients for a nice breakfast and by the time breakfast was ready my contractions had kicked in. They were strong and regular from the get go so it wasn’t long until we back at the hospital…to be told I was only 1cm and to go back home and continue to work through my contractions for as long as I possibly could. I certainly wasn’t pleased, but off home we went were I had a warm bath and my other half sat on the floor next to me and fell asleep. I stayed at home for another 5 hours or so until the hospital called and told me to come back in. I went back in to find out that I was 2cm. This time I was asked to go home again to which I protested and I was allowed to stayed in the hospital but wasn’t allowed any gas an air or to get I the water until I was 4 cms. Again, I was not best pleased but at least I didn’t have to go back home.

Unfortunately 14 hours later, my labour hadn’t progressed and I was getting beyond tired. I was taken to be induced but before this happened, the baby’s heartrate dropped and was told I need a c section to make sure she was delivered safely. After a 19 hour labour, a near induction, an epidural, and a c-section eldest daughter was in my arms.

Despite not having the birth I had wanted, I know if I hadn’t leaned what I did during hypnobirthing, I am not sure I would have coped. Being told I had to have emergency surgery would have terrified me, instead I was so calm. Being told to go home and labour there should have terrified me, instead I managed to stay at home for so long that the hospital actual called me to come back. And that is because I had removed so much of my fear around birth and I had breathing techniques to help my cope. I had also learned the importance of a flexible birth plan – which was great as I didn’t get to step foot in a water birth and wasn’t allowed any gas and air.

My second labour was a planned c-section, so I knew exactly what was going to happen so I didn’t even consider using hypnobirthing techniques. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I knew I wasn’t going to have a labour. I was so wrong! Mostly due to the pandemic, my day was tough from beginning to end. I even discharged myself from the hospital the very next day as I knew my recovery would be better at home. My c- section was cancelled 5 times during the day, I was told I was going to have to go home and be rebooked in the following week and then just as I was getting dressed, a receptionist came and grabbed me and I had 30 seconds to get down to theatre. After the c-section the ward was so short staffed there was no one available to help me with pain meds, help me feed my daughter or help me change her and of course my other half wasn't allowed to stay. My labour, emergency section and 4 days in hospital were by far more calm and relaxed than the 24 hours I spent in hospital with my planned section. And that is completely down to hypnobirthing. i just felt completley differenent without using hypnobirthing. I was uncomfortable and had so many more negative feelings.

If I had used the same techniques that I did the first time, I would have felt calm and relaxed and more likely to deal with pain much better too and just an all round more positive experience. I would have been open and flexible to plans changing and I would have felt much more comfortable with the situation.

My hypnobirthing classes made what would have been a difficult birth a much nicer experience. This is exactly what prompted my decision to train as a hypnobirthing instructor. And I firmly believe that hypnobirthing can help in all types of birth – even a planned caesarean can be made a lovely experience with hypnobirthing. Particularly with the restrictions at the moment, there is more anxiety than ever around maternity and giving birth but you can let go of any fear and have a wonderful and magical experience bringing your child into the world.

My next hypnobirthing course starts on the 8th May at 1pm and will run for 4 weeks. I cover knowledge about your body and how it works to birth your baby, breathing and relaxation techniques, creating a calm birth environment, releasing fear, body with baby and more. I am offering a free taster session April 17th at 1pm. If you would learn to join and learn how hypnobirthing can help you please email

Lauren xx

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